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Giving myself the advice I’d give myself if I weren’t myself:

-Be nicer to your body.

-Be nicer to yourself.

-You are the queen of your own life and you don’t need anyone to validate you.

-You are also human and sometimes it’s nice to have someone tell you how amazing you are, but you shouldn’t rely on other people’s opinions because there are people who were put on this planet just to hurt others.

-Be sweet to everyone you meet. Everyone. Even that customer who is being extra rude. Smile at them and let the universe handle their destiny.

-You are no one’s side chick, runner up, second best or low-key lover. You are number one and if someone doesn’t agree, walk away because they are scum.

-If you don’t feel like smiling, don’t. If someone tells you to smile, tell them you aren’t here for their entertainment.

-Never forget where you’ve come from and never forget your end goal. As quickly as you’ve obtained something, you can and will lose it.

-Listen, kid, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the damn journey. Stop having panic attacks about your future. I mean, I know you can’t stop having them, but try not to stress about the unknown. Remember those beach trips from your childhood? Remember how you were always the only one who stayed awake on the long drives and how watching the scenery change was more exciting than the actual beach itself? Now what about the train rides across country? The destination was always uneventful, but the journey is what you remember the most.

-Don’t let anyone tell you it’s weird that you go places alone. Sometimes it’s annoying and stressful inviting someone somewhere just to have them cancel on you at the last minute. Cut the middle-man out and do what you want, alone.

-It’s okay to have a bad day and cry about things. No one is perfect. Even Beyoncé needs a few moments to pull herself together.

-Who CARES if you still listen to the same stuff you did when you were 14?! You like what you like and that’s all that matters!

-People don’t love the way you do, so don’t get hurt when someone doesn’t show their affection the same way you would.

-People aren’t the same kind of friend you are, so don’t get hurt if they don’t show their support the same way you would. Unless they are jerks, then cut them out of your life. Now.

-You are amazing at literally everything. Even the things you struggle with, you will master them.

-Put lipstick on for no one but yourself.

-You belong to no one but yourself.

-Never settle. Keep pushing yourself in ever aspect of your life. Keep learning. I’m not saying go to graduate school or get a second degree, but find ways to push yourself, your work, your way of thinking.

-Love yourself.

-Love yourself.

-Love yourself.

-Love your damn self because if you don’t show yourself the kind of love you deserve, no one will.