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Hey, happy new year’s eve!

Tonight Tessie and I are going to a couple of parties and I was going to borrow one of her skirts to wear with one of my crop tops and now I’m settling on wearing a striped shirt, high-waisted jeans, boots a bomber jacket and a lot of adult looking crap on my face (eyeliner, mascary and lipstick). I was stoked on the skirt, but I don’t wear skirts/dresses often enough to feel comfortable in them. And then I don’t have shoes to wear with it. And then it’s supposed to be cold tonight. And wow, no.

No sappy posts about 2013 on this blog, but I will say that I matured a lot this year and that is all that really matters. I am also in Los Angeles forever and that is a wonderful feeling. Oh, and I graduated college and that was pretty stinking amazing, amiright?!

2014: I see you with your residencies and job applications and multiple rolls of film i will go through. I’m stoked and I am ready.