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Day 38 as a Hopeless intern.

Yesterday was my last day as the Social Media and Marketing Assistant at Hopeless Records. I went out with a bang because I made a back to school playlist on Spotify which gave us a few new followers. I had a “to do” list and I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it in my final 7 hours, but I did.

I was asked what I liked and disliked about the internship. I told Ian that I liked learning how a label functions and i disliked having to say goodbye to the other interns. I wish I had said, “I dislike the feeling of not having enough time to do all the projects I wanted to do.” because it’s true. I wrote so many things down in my journal that I wanted to accomplish this summer, but it’s okay because i can just pass them onto Megan. Or keep them to myself. OR WHATEVER.

I did so much this summer. It doesn’t feel like it, but I did and I am beyond thankful for this experience. I’ll post a sappy blog post soon.

I walked in a n00b and walked out part of the family. I’ll be around. I can feel it. I really have a good feeling about this.

Oh and as for my final day treats: I bought Jack and Cola because we’re all adults here! ;]