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Day 27 as a Hopeless intern.

It took a few moments, but today I realized that I have the coolest stinking internship. I mean, I’ve always known that it’d be cool and even being here for two months I knew everything about it was awesome, but for some reason, today I realized that it’s pretty stinking rad.

It’s not the free shows and cds and stuff that get me going (though, those are cool), it’s the fact that I’m writing and people are *reading* what I’m putting out there. I mean, even if I didn’t have this internship I’d still be writing things, but it’s the feeling of, “whoa, someone actually read that and they liked it and it came from me!” It’s even more of a “wow!!!” moment when the people reading aren’t just your friends, but complete strangers.

The lyric photos? Those are my photographs that people are looking at. That’s a really cool feeling and for that, I want to thank Hopeless Records and my awesome boss for believing in me. Wah, so sappy, but wow.

It took 27 days, but it’s better late than never, right?

All sappiness aside:

Tonight, one of our bands (Air Dubai) is playing a show at the Troubadour and my boss wants me to photograph it and write a review. Totally cool, right? I’m currently working on a mix for one of the other interns because his last day is Friday and I told him I’d make him one. I currently have 0 songs and no concept of a theme. I’m sure I’ll frantically make it Thursday night.