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Day 12 as a Hopeless intern

Writing a 140 character or less tweet is easy when you’re complaining about school or the weather. It’s not so easy when you’re squeezing in a lot of important information.

Using abbreviations in writing was never my thing. Okay, I lied. I totally use “cuz” instead of “because” sometimes. But I think that’s it???

Warped Tour is tomorrow/Friday and Sunday. Fingers crossed I can muster up the courage to ask my boss if I can photograph Sunday’s date.

Oh and HEY! My 24th birthday is in exactly 3 months! The only thing I want to do is hang out by the river (because I’ll be in Portland) and if friends want to join me, cool. If not: COOL. I also want to go to brunch, but that’s nothing new.

Oh and HEY AGAIN!: On Saturday it’ll be a month since I started at Hopeless! Totally going to spend it sleeping/eating!