A list of things I tell myself daily


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Giving myself the advice I’d give myself if I weren’t myself:

-Be nicer to your body.

-Be nicer to yourself.

-You are the queen of your own life and you don’t need anyone to validate you.

-You are also human and sometimes it’s nice to have someone tell you how amazing you are, but you shouldn’t rely on other people’s opinions because there are people who were put on this planet just to hurt others.
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Lemme put a ring around it.


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if you haven’t noticed, the temperature has slowly been rising, the shorts have been getting shorter and the rompers are coming out to play. oh and love is in the air! everyone is getting married! it’s super cool! and it makes you feel as though your time to flash your ring is soon!

in honor of 99% of the world getting married, i have decided to make a list of things i’d put a ring around and have a big expensive party celebrating our love with. there will be a whiskey fountain and apple pie:
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the last few days.



*i tricked a group of 30 year olds into thinking i am cool (because i am) and being around them makes me wish my college friends would hurry up with college and move to los angeles.
*work is work. my coworkers are incredible people and i come home smelling like coffee. which, oddly enough, is what i wanted when i was 14.
*i’ve been casually dodging questions about my love life from family members/family friends because thinking about dating makes me want to redo my thesis because i’d rather do that then go on a job interview (because going on dates = going on a job interview)
*i wish it were summertime already so i can stop sneezing and wheezing because allergies are real and spring is the enemy. also: rompers.
*triggering songs have come on at work and one time i skipped one before the first verse finished and the other times i let them run its course. just like the moments i associate them with have run their course.
*i am thankful for everything and i have to constantly remind myself to remember to stay present and not wish for former or future times. (which goes against my wanting it to be summertime, but who cares? i am a complex human)

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